Here at Eads Quality Top Shop, we always provide the focal point you want with the durability you need, and you receive the benefit of our unmatched customer service, no matter the project size or budget.


Does your business need a new kitchen or bathroom? Call us for an estimate. We work with commercial businesses of all types and sizes. Our design team can plan your project from start-to-finish.


Eads Quality Top shop offers affordable and high-quality countertops with a variety of colors and features that is simple but elegant for the appeal of your homes remodel.



We at Eads Quality Top Shop will help you in making your dream kitchen a reality. Let’s refresh your space! We have the right materials, design experts, and installation team to complete your project.


Laundry/Utility Rooms

While many of us tend to think of kitchens when we think of granite countertops, laundry rooms often get overlooked. A dedicated space for folding can make doing the laundry a bit more bearable. Especially if you have a large family and laundry, is a daily task.



Whether you’re remodeling your master bathroom or just taking on a small bathroom remodel, talk to our team. Fill out our customer form to get an estimate from us. Or come and visit our conveniently located showroom.


Outdoor Kitchens/Bars

Elevate your Outdoor area, granite can handle the weather and all the fancy barbecue recipes, food, drinks, fun (and sometimes chaos) of outdoor dining and entertaining. It won't etch, discolor, or lose its shine

Eads Deals

If you are looking for pieces of high-quality granite for small projects, we can help!
Granite pieces could be your perfect choice if you’re only looking to do small projects. We have very low discounted granite remnants, scraps, and left over granite pieces from our fabrication jobs.


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